Umaworn Windsor-Clive


Umaworn, or Fon, sets no limits to her adventures. A mother of two girls, her goal is to explore the world, solve mysteries, educate others and live a meaningful life. A volunteer for the Narenthorn EMS Centre, she has learned how to fly planes and helicopters, summited Mount Vinson in Antartica and recently climbed Ama Dablam in Nepal (though she made the decision to turn around before summit because of a shoulder injury). She thrives on curiosity and challenges and relies on hard work, discipline and determination to get her through. Her next mission is to record the official height of Myanmar’s Hkakabo Razi, reputedly the highest peak in Southeast Asia, and establish the standard climbing route to its summit. With a degree in photography, she is often more at home behind a camera than in front of one, even though her exotic looks could see her pass for a professional model. A Cordon Bleu certificate ensures that her family is well fed. She is also passionate about the environment and children’s health issues.