Thanyaporn Rungreungthanja

Health Food Advocate

Thanyaporn Rungreungthanja helms the research and development team at Cha Bar, a healthy milk tea bar that values customer experiences and the social connections formed in drinking the popular bubble tea beverage. Keeping up with the rising demand for healthy food, she and her team deconstructed every single component in a cup of bubble milk tea in order to produce a healthier version of the beloved drink. Their version contains only 150 calories. Their signature riceberry boba is the country’s first healthy pearl bubble and is a delectable nutritional alternative to others. With four locations now open in Bangkok, Cha Bar also offers a nation-wide delivery service to ship their milk tea in bulk. As a leader in the research and development team, Thanyaporn strives to champion only the freshest local ingredients in order to support Thai farmers. In her free time she likes to make Italian gelato and go scuba diving.