Nakwan Trakarnsirinont

Healthy Foods Advocate

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As a healthy snack dried fruits are popular throughout the world and particularly so in China. But did you know that many Chinese dried fruit brands actually source their products from Thailand. Nakwan Trakarnsirinont grew up watching her parents export dried durian and longan for foreign consumers and wondered the products weren’t popular in Thailand. In a country where fresh fruits are always available, dried fruits are deemed to be heavily processed with chemicals. So Nakwan set about creating the Nana Fruits brand to change this perception. Combining her family background with her health-conscious lifestyle, she makes her products with no additives, no preservatives and no unnecessary sugar. Five to six kinds of fruit are harvested seasonally when they are most abundant and at their intense best for dehydrating. Today, Nana Fruits is becoming a popular Thai brand and the former model-turned-businesswoman only sees it going from strength to strength.