May Sripatanaskul

Design Thinker

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The most important assets for success today are predominantly the right mind-set and the ability to make good ideas happen. At the time May Sripatanaskul founded LUKKID following her graduation from Stanford University in 2013, ‘design thinking’ was a new and foreign concept in Thailand. Today, the methodology is used by a wide range of businesses and organisations ranging from financial institutions and governmental agencies to charities, NGOs and private firm. System design is another field May involves herself in. Over the past year she has developed an in-house healthcare innovation incubator for a non-profit Thai public hospital, which redesigns the learning journey of its medical students. LUKKID has also collaborated with other non-profit projects addressing social equality issues in Thailand. A force for steering society forward with a new vision, she relaxes by designing and making toys for her three-year-old son.