Amy Ann Baron

Animal Rescuer

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There’s no organisation quite like PAWS Bangkok when it comes to animal rescue in Thailand, and the woman who started it all is Amy Ann Baron. A long-time champion of neglected cats and dogs in Thailand, Amy founded PAWS in 2012, a single drop which has caused significant ripples in the state of animal welfare in Bangkok since. A non-profit organisation, PAWS actively helps the local community and its animals through spaying and neutering operations, vaccination programmes, veterinary services, fostering and adopting and, most importantly, through education. PAWS also operates the go-to cats shelter in Bangkok and despite COVID, has been able to triple the number of animals they help. With optimism in her arsenal, there’s nothing stopping Amy and her dedicated team at PAWS from continuing to grow their outreach. PAWS is now looking into hiring a 24-hour veterinary staff, increasing their educational offerings and finding systemic, sustainable solutions to make life better for virtually all animals in Thailand, not just those lucky enough to reach help.