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Chef-owner of Haoma, Bangkok’s one-of-a-kind neo-Indian farm-to-table dining concept, DeepankerKhosla’s vision is for his eatery to be Thailand’s and Asia’s most sustainable fine dining restaurant. Integrating sustainable organic and aquaponicecosystems that include the raising of fish and growing of vegetables, herbs, spices and edible flowers, the urban farm in Haoma’s back garden is maintained by ‘DK’ and his agri-culinary team. Their efforts have already established Haoma as Thailand’s first zero-waste, 100 per cent sustainable food establishment. And it seems clear that adversity only makes Deepankerand his crew innovate faster and harder. Haoma has not only overcome set-backs to its aquaponic farm but during the Covid-19 lockdown that impacted the global F&B industry so severely DK also managed to launch the #NoOneHungry campaign, an initiative that distributed 40,000 meals to hospitality workers left stranded by the pandemic. After all, as DK so perfectly puts it, “To save the industry we must keep it fed.”