Chanisara Wongdeeprasith


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Co-founder and CEO of Brunchtime Co., Ltd, Chanisara Wongdeeprasith started her granola empire from the tiny confines of her kitchen during her undergraduate studies, baking delicious treats for late-night study sessions. Upon graduating, she decided to marry her love for baking with her keen eye for business opportunities. Following a serious business pitch to her parents, the factory and industrial-scale ovens were put to work to produce batches of healthy, preservative-free granola. What resulted was Diamond Grains, Thailand’s now most ubiquitous granola brand. Chanisara’s passion shines through Diamond Grains with its goal to help provide consumers with a healthy yet delicious way to start the day, since healthy breakfast options are rare in typical Thai diets. An active member of her local community, Chanisara encourages the youth to work hard and enjoy what they do regardless of hardship, sowing the seeds for a future generation of entrepreneurs.