3 Eco-Entrepreneurs You Should Keep An Eye On

In an era where we have seen massive shifts in society towards more sustainable and eco-friendly options, there has never been a more important time to pursue eco-entrepreneurship.
Eco-entrepreneurship, or environmental entrepreneurship, focuses on solutions to environmental issues through products, services, and/or educational resources, and Thailand is in no way late to the party. With plenty of extraordinary people and projects setting the tone for the future generations in the country, we’ve compiled a list of three people on the Future List  who are making the change for the better in industries like food, beauty and fashion.

Chomwan Weeraworawit

Chomwan is the co-founder and creative director of her husband’s eponymous clothing label Philip Huang. Merging traditional knowledge with the expectations and aesthetics of contemporary life by collaborating with artisans and artists, this multi-disciplinary brand creates on the foundation of research, history and consciousness towards the environment and the current climate. Recently, the brand has embraced indigo dyeing techniques practiced by the local community in Northeastern Thailand. They’ve crafted a whole story out of the tradition, which has inspired a film, artwork and pieces in Philip Huang’s line.

Maria Kalita

Ukraine-born Maria Kalita has followed her dream of sharing her knowledge of Tibetan medicine by creating Bangkok Soap Opera. Offering only natural products ranging from soap bars to perfumes and lotion, every item is also produced following strict sustainability rules, including the use of only local ingredients, no artificial colourants and no unnecessary packaging. Kalita has significantly expanded her mission now by producing more than 200 kilograms of soap made from waste oil, which she then donates to seven charities around Thailand. With three outlets in Bangkok and two overseas in Kuala Lumpur and Delhi, there is strong demand for Bangkok Soap Opera in Hong Kong, Belgium and Poland.

Deepanker Khosla

Chef-owner of Haoma, Bangkok’s one-of-a-kind neo-Indian farm-to-table dining concept, Deepanker Khosla’s vision is for his eatery to be Thailand’s and Asia’s most sustainable fine dining restaurant. Integrating sustainable organic and aquaponic ecosystems for fish, vegetables, herbs, spices and edible flowers, the urban farm in Haoma’s back garden is maintained by ‘DK’ and his agri-culinary team. Their efforts have already established Haoma as Thailand’s first zero-waste and 100 per cent sustainable food establishment. When faced with a global crisis, rather than shrink in defeat at losses, DK and his team step up to the plate. During the COVID-19 Bangkok lockdown, Haoma launched the #NoOneHungry campaign, an initiative that distributed 40,000 meals to hospitality workers left stranded by the pandemic.