Spirituality and the Planet

Note Panayanggool uses her artistry to heal the world

Always active and on the go, Note Panayanggool first showed her artistic talents as a singer. Eventually, stumbling back to her past affection for art, and her true purpose in life, by connecting to nature through art and music. Truly believing in nature, the artist is devoted to using her huge social platform to benefit, where possible,  humanity and saving our planet. Not only is she dedicated to making the best use of her platform, but through her embrace of spirituality, and energy healing, Note’s life has changed immensely. 

How did you stumble into the art scene and turn to focus on spirituality after starting out within the music industry?

Art was always a part of my life since I was a little kid, art and music were my main two things. I was always singing and painting but when I got into the music industry, I kind of lost art along the way because I was so focused on my job and I actually got to experience and do all of the things I wanted to do in the musical world – I got to sing, have my own single, my album and after the contract was over, I got to tour around Asia, DJ in Europe and New York. Eventually, I felt like it was already satisfying enough. One day, I realized that I missed art and decided to make art a priority in my life again. So, I was contemplating what I should talk about with my art and I decided spirituality should be my main topic.

How has Reiki Art changed your life?

Ever since I started learning about spirituality and energy healing, it made me a lot calmer towards life, and I understood more about life. Everything revolves around energy and we are energy as well, scientifically, we are just little particles of molecules vibrating. It made me let go on things that didn’t really matter, things that would matter to other people like fame, money or whatever, things which are not actually that important in our lives, but I can let go of it more.

I am entirely satisfied with whatever life has to offer and with anything that is bound to happen because I believe everything happens for a reason. Practising spirituality and energy healing truly taught me that. It also taught me to have empathy for the world, people, plants and animals. I believe empathy is a very important thing to have. 

Tell us about “High On Your Own Supply” and in this digital age, why do you think it’s important to appreciate nature?

‘High On Your Own Supply’ is actually more of a platform to connect people back to nature and themselves. To understand and love themselves more, and then connecting them back to where they came from, which is nature. We were just tiny particles of cells before we became human, I try to get people to understand that in a spiritual way and also in a fun way. I use a lot of fun mediums like art, music, technology and fun events to connect people back to what I want them to connect back to. 

For next year, I plan to focus on Koh Tao as we have partnered with UNDP to make Koh Tao a model island for sustainability, eco-tourism and waste management. If we succeed, we could use this model and platform for every other island in Thailand as well and make it a case study. I think that’s very interesting and I’m very excited about this project at the moment. 

Could you explain what “Energy Healing” or “Sound Healing” is? 

When I began studying energy healing, I started with Reiki crystal healing and then I found out there is a thing called sound healing and this resonated so much with me because I’m a musician. I decided to learn more about it, so I travelled to Nepal to study sound healing with a master who has been teaching his entire life and I feel grateful having had the chance to learn from him.  

Sound healing is very important both spiritually and scientifically because it’s proven that our body is 70-80% water and with sound healing it’s not just making sound but it’s also creating vibrations, these frequencies of vibration has already measured that it will heal the molecules of water in our bodies and nervous system. These bowls or whatever instrument the sound healer uses on you, they’re already designed to heal our bodies scientifically because they’re made from metal, and vibrate frequencies, that are especially designed for our body. 

As a conservationist, what motivates you most?

Seeing the world moving by and seeing the changes it brings because we don’t get great news every single day. Some days we have news about fire, pollution, flood, we can see the world is speaking to us and if we don’t do something about it, humanity won’t be able to live on this planet. Therefore, what motivates me most is – I want to be the change that I want to see in this world. 

Apart from your job, what do you enjoy doing in your free time?

Because I travel so much and I’m always hopping around, I actually enjoy reading, sleeping and playing with my dogs and cats as well as spending time with friends and family.

What are your upcoming goals and how do you plan to achieve them?

My upcoming goal for the year to come is to make Koh Tao a model island. My plan to do that is I’m partnering with UNDP now, and reaching out to many other environment platforms like National Geographic as well as local ones to help me, and make my goal become true. 

What is the hardest challenge you have faced so far in your life?

Becoming famous and knowing that nothing lasts forever. Having the public always expecting and looking at you and your life, you no longer have your privacy anymore. Everything you do will reflect on how the public views you. Now that I have this large platform, I want to use it to be as beneficial as possible and to make it good for the world, to raise awareness on what the world should be talking about. 

Do you have a guilty pleasure?

Yes, I love sleeping. I sleep more than 10 hours per day sometimes and I just love sleeping so much. I also love talking to my dogs!

What do you hope for the future and what is the key message you would like to send for the future? 

I hope people will become more aware of the environment. To change their lifestyle to be more beneficial for the environment as in maybe we need to rethink capitalism and the things we consume. I believe COVID-19 has really taught us that when something is unbalanced, nature will reclaim the balance. When we leave nature to heal, mother nature heals super-fast and we still have hope. If we could change and adapt our lifestyles to co-exist more with nature, then I think it would be amazing. We would have hope for the future and for the next generation to come.