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Jeeb – classical album to calm the troubled soul

Jeeb Ensemble launches its first streaming classical album

Despite the year-long COVID social distancing lifestyle which hampered all forms of entertainment, Jeeb Ensemble have managed to launch Thailand’s first streaming classical album.

Jeeb Ensemble, a group of eight outstanding young classically trained musicians who formed this group in 2013 with the aim of making classical music more accessible to the younger crowd. They include Akkrawat Srinarong (violin), Kanin Udommana (violin), Miti Wisuthumporn (viola), Ekachai Maskulrat (cello), Panyaphat Wongwechwiwat (cello), Nuttaphon Lerswanuswong (double bass), Christopher Janwong McKiggan (piano/arranger) and, last but not least, The Future List 2020’s own Trisdee na Patalung (piano/composer/arranger). This “boy band” performed sold-out concerts in 2017.

The album, simply called “Jeeb”, is distributed by Universal Music (Thailand) Ltd. It features favorites such as Canon in D, Romantic music by Elgar and Brahms, plus some original songs that have touched and empowered listeners, mixture of young generations to baby boomers over the years. On the playlist are seven titles: Jeeb, Canon by Johann Pachelbel, BFF, Spring is coming, Salut d’Amour by Sir Edward Elgar, As One and Piano Quartet No.1 Op. 25 (Excerpt) by Johannes Brahms.

Since before the pandemic, they have been using the online platform to post live sessions, partly because cellist Ekachai has for a while been based in Basel, Switzerland, where he is a professional musician. So when the first lockdown hit the global community, they made good use of these live home sessions, drawing attention by their choice in music which was based around trending Korean Netflix series. 

The members are not just talented musicians; Christopher was in fact not only performed on the piano, he also arranged the score, directed the shoot, and handled the editing and sound mixing himself. Keen gamers Christopher and Trisdee also fell back on their favourite video game “Final Fantasy VII”, with Nobuo Uematsu’s powerful rock/contemporary classic piece “One Winged Angel”. This was particularly challenging since the musicians also had to double up as the chorus. The piece undoubtedly clicked with their target audiences, as views and shares hit record highs. 

This year, they continued to present their “singles” to mark special events: the iconic “Rumwong Wan Songkran” to mark Songkran festival, “UEFA Champions League Anthem” to mark the top football event, with a special music video set against a football game animation, starring “Paymar on violin, Kanin Mbappé on violin, Lionel Meksi on viola, Joe Hut on cello, Palm Ji Sung on cello, Yunaldinho on double bass, Trisdee Pizzarro on piano and Cristiano McKiggan on piano”.

Top trending Korean series Vincenzo inspired them to come up with Pietro Mascagni’s “Intermezzo from Cavalleria Rusticana”. They definitely know how to reach their audience, ticking all the boxes including social trends and humour, all of which are mere subordinates to their greatest asset – their immense musical talent.

“We are living in an age of conflict and antagonism, which is often reflected in modern pop music that contains increasingly violent content. We would like to offer this album to provide a balance, to give hope and moral support to all our listeners.”

Jeeb is streamed on all major platforms: Spotify, Apple Music, iTune, Tidal, Deezer, Amazon. 

You can also follow them on their Facebook, You Tube and Instagram accounts under their name, Jeeb Ensemble.