Tri Vananda To Put Guests And Residents On A Health High

The stunning new Tri Vananda residential and wellness resort in Phuket is taking the notion of care in the community to the next level

If the ongoing global health crisis has taught us anything it is that we all need to pay greater attention to our physical and mental wellbeing. This in part explains why businesses in Thailand’s health and wellness industry have been gearing up for better days ahead—a near future in which we can travel without restriction and make lifestyle choices that are not governed by lockdowns and quarantines. The value of that freedom and the ability to enjoy the great outdoors with family and friends without any underlying anxiety is what we have missed the most.         

Anticipating easier times, the Pattamasaevi family’s Montara Hospitality Group, which developed the renowned Trisara resort on Phuket, has taken on its most ambitious project to date and is looking to set a new bench mark for the industry. Led by CEO and Blue Mango Future List laureate Kittisak Pattamasaevi, the Montara team is working on what will be a first for Phuket and Thailand—a premium ultra-luxurious health and wellness residential community and resort called Tri Vananda. 

Rooted in multigenerational living, wellness, sustainability, mindfulness and environmental conservation, this bold project is set to offer a transformative holistic experience that is intended to nurture both the spirit and the body. Although wellness concepts normally equate to spa experiences, Tri Vananda prides itself on its variety of amenities and services, which will include a cognitive health center, physiotherapy unit and other facilities aimed at diagnostics and tailored treatments. Mindful of alternative therapies, the benefits of which have helped members of his own family, Kittisak says the resort will also offer Chinese medicines and traditional treatments.  

Set to open its doors in 2022, Tri Vananda occupies 232 acres of land, more than enough room to accommodate 263 prestigious residential villas in addition to the advanced medical and wellness facilities. “The Tri Vananda villas are solar-powered and the project will also incorporate a wetland nature reserve to recycle and store water. The idea is to have enough water to sustain our project with a surplus to distribute to surrounding communities,” says the CEO who advocates doing business in a socially conscious manner.  

“Life is challenging at times and like others my family and I have had first-hand experience of the issues associated with severe illness and the processes of recovering from it. We have found that combining the technical best of Western medicine and the wisdoms of Asia’s traditional healing arts is the best holistic approach to wellness in the world,” Kittisak explains. “In contrast to many wellness centers that have an age limit, our doors are open to people of all ages, which means families with young children can also enjoy our services.” The Harvard graduate adds, “We believe in the importance of cultivating mindfulness and consciousness about health at an early age.” 

Tri Vananda’s astounding nature-centric architecture, which reflects Montara Group’s commitment to sustainability, has been praised as the blueprint for the future of sustainable and healthy living. This is a great place for people of all ages to nurture the soul. “It is exciting that people are already anticipating our opening. We wanted to create an enclave where people can go to re-center themselves, connect with loved ones and be at physical and mental peace,” Kittisak concludes.