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Gongkan goes solo in LA

Thai artist Gongkan looks forward to his first solo exhibition In LA

Inspired by a medley of influences, Thai artist Kantapon Metheekul, better known as Gongkan, reflects upon social and political issues of the world.

Best known for his Teleport series, Gongkan will be spreading his creative voice with his first solo exhibition at LA’s Over the Influence Gallery from May 1 - June 13, 2021.

“Tip of the Iceberg”, Gongkan explains, “explores themes of human connection found in Teleport to go deeper into environmental and societal issues, for instance, ignoring problems in society, thinking these problems don’t affect them or have nothing to do with them, when it actually has a huge impact on everyone.” The truth is, Thailand lies beneath the surface of false beauty projected in society. True power exists with only 0.1% of the people while the rest are faced with social and financial challenges.

Many of the pieces feature water as he believes water represents freedom of thought and expression. The artist compares social issues to what lies beneath the water that is a mystery to be solved.

While he’s currently busy with a number of art fairs, Gongkan is looking forward to his solo exhibition. “I am very excited and  determined, especially when the artwork explores various social issues such as gender equality, capitalism, corruption and democracy. I truly want my artwork to reflect society and to make people question the system,” the artist explains.

Gongkan’s art attracts a range of multidisciplinary practices, as he comfortably bridges the gap between commercial and subversive artistic expression. This is evident with recent collaborations including working with Australian singer Troye Sivan on a music video, designed the album cover for Danish pop band Lucas Graham, and his products at the O+D store in Siam Discovery. 

His artwork often portrays issues in the world and he stands strong to keep going, “I want people to be aware of the issues in our society and the things happening around us. We sometimes feel that these issues are far from us but it actually affects everyone. We will be able to tackle these issues, only if we help each other.”