The Arts

Cultural District 2021

Rattanakosin Island comes to life with art installations

Culture Vultures should mark their calendars and head down to Rattanakosin Island, Bangkok’s original district, for the Cultural District 2021 at Museum Siam and surrounding venues.

The grand old buildings in this district will be highlighted in an event that aims to combine architecture, history and art through both on-line and on-ground events. The creative and interactive presentations include an on-line talk by experts who will share images and knowledge about various local historical buildings. Red Light Lab will bring us images of old palaces, mansions and temples captured in the original method of Wet Plate Collodion used over a century ago. 

There will also be art and lighting installations, an installation animation showcase by 50 artists in this specific genre, flower arranging workshops, flower painting workshops for textile print making purposes, to name but a few. Museum Siam, the centerpiece of the event, will be lit up by Projection Mapping by 27 June Studio.

The event, which had been postponed from April 2021 as a result of the COVID-19 lockdown, serves to welcome visitors after a long period of social hibernation, and to create a sense of pride in Thailand’s historical and architectural heritage within the area of Rattanakosin Island.

The Cultural District 2021 event will take place from 1-31 October 2021 at Museum Siam. Check for details or any changes in the programme. 


  • Pictures courtesy of Cultural District 2021