An Honest Guide To Natural Skincare

The Futurist sat down with Maria Kalita, founder and owner of Bangkok Soap Opera, a natural made beauty care brand that focuses on sourcing raw fresh local ingredients and uses old fashioned and sustainable methods of production to create products that act as “food” for your skin. 

In recent years, but particularly during the pandemic, taking care of your skin, mind and body has become ever more popular. People are more aware and conscious about what they are eating, drinking and also what they put on their skin. Maria shares a short and honest guide to swapping over to natural and affordable skincare by offering her views on four products that you should include in your beauty basket. 


Hand Soap: avoid liquid hand soap and swap to an eco-friendly soap bar, you will not only avoid using plastic but one bar can be used for the face, body and even hair which allows you to save that extra money.  The natural ingredients are environmentally friendly and will be dissolved when coming into contact with water. 

Natural deodorant: you can find different presentations such as powder, crystal or tubes but it is important to make sure they are free of aluminium compounds that are dangerous for your immune system and can increase the chances of breast cancer in women. A natural version will not clog pores, will soothe your skin and again, most of them are plastic-free! 

Hydrosol Spray: one of the most multifunctional products, hydrosol spray can act as moisturiser, cleanser and toner. To create a rich moisturizer just spray the mist and then apply an oil that is beneficial to your skin. Oils will connect to the water and help it penetrate to the deeper levels of your skin. 

Castile Liquid Soap: a 100% natural liquid soap that will become your favourite shower gel and can even be used to clean your home. 

Maria’s tips on sustainability: 


1.- Always read labels and research which ingredients are safe for your body. 

2.- Use multifunctional items, you don’t need a wide range of products if you know exactly what your skin needs. 

3.- Transition from liquid to bar form products. 


You can visit Bangkok Soap Opera stores located at 883/1 Sukhumvit road and Terminal 21, 3rd floor or visit (worldwide shipping).