AP Thai’s Neighbor Service Brings The Community Together When It Most Needs To

How well do you know your neighbors?

Imagine a platform that’s a combination of Tinder and Fastwork, where you can log on to search for help from people within your proximity. That’s basically what property developer AP Thai has created for the community in times of need and increased isolation. See the thing is, how well do we know our neighbours, even in the best of times? And now that we’re living in times of closures of repair stores and various service centers, as well as times where we may be isolated from friends and family, AP Thai realizes that there’s no better moment to connect those living near each other than now. 

The property developer’s latest campaign, Neighbor Service, addresses human needs that have arisen through the pandemic by activating the “next door economy” model. It’s simple: You need something that someone near you can easily provide, and you have something that he needs or could very much use. AP Thai’s brand strategy director, Sappasit “Pow” Foongfaungchaveng touches upon how the pandemic has put many skilled people out of job and stuck at home without income. “But worse than losing your job,” says Pow, “is losing hope. AP Neighbor Service can help return a little bit of livelihood, purpose, and hope to those affected by the pandemic.” 

"Every skill is great, so share it.”

At the same time, the pandemic has also left many other groups of people, such as the elderly, disadvantaged in accessing assistance. Only just recently launched, Neighbor Service already has available so many skills from the community to tap into. If someone can do it, there’s nothing stopping it from being there, whether it’s teaching someone how to solve a Rubik’s cube or make a terrarium, to tattooing and language lessons. You don’t have to be an AP resident to use a service or offer one on Neighbor Service either. Accessibility is important to AP for Neighbor Service, and keeping it truly accessible, prices currently range from as little as free to as much as 20,000 baht (the price for receiving a personal serenade by Thai artist Bowkylion, a friend of AP’s).

Beyond connecting solutions to needs, AP Thai’s Neighbor Service brings back an important culture of knowing our neighbors that may have become lost in an increasingly urbanized and fast-paced world. The initiative also perhaps most significantly gives each of us a chance to examine the skills that we already have and realize our value through helping others. Indeed, Neighbor Service’s slogan is “Every skill is great, so share it,” a priceless message in this climate. 

“We’re not just in the business of building quality homes,” says Pow, “The wellbeing of our residents is also our concern and our responsibility, and it will continue to be beyond this pandemic.” 

To learn more about AP Neighbor Service or to become a user, log on to